YT-2501 Smart Positioner with Remote Sensor

YTC have once again added to the ever increasing range of SMART valve positioners. The main feature of this positioner is the remote sensor which is fitted to the actuator with the valve positioner located away from excessive heat or vibration. Communication between the sensor and positioner is via a communications cable which can be ordered to suit various distances. The sensor can also be located in confined areas, pits or “difficult to access locations”. With the positioner located in a suitably safe area all calibration, setup and diagnostics can be achieved, thus removing the need for access permits, or exposure to hazards or heights.
The valve positioner also exhibits features such as Auto Calibration, LCD display, PD Control, Limit Switches, HART Communication, Fail freeze and Fail Safe function. Air consumption at steady state is near zero which dramatically reduces operating costs compared to constant bleed valve positioners.
The YT-2501 can be easily adapted to suit both rotary and linear applications.

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