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Limitorque MX Multi-turn Electric Actuator

BECK Electric Actuators

Limitorque QX Quarter-Turn Electric Actuator

ACROTORQ SA Series Electric Actuator

ACROTORQ NA Series Electric Actuator

ACROTORQ SR Series Electric Actuator


Limitorque Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

ACROMATIC Pneumatic Actuator

ACROMATIC Pneumatic Positioners

ACROMATIC Pneumatic Solenoids

Imtex Pneumatic Switchboxes

Amalga Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing

ACROGEARS Manual Actuators

ACROGEARS Worm Gearbox

ACROGEARS Bevel Gearbox

ACROGEARS Portable Actuators

ACROGEARS Valve Chainwheels

HarmonicDrive Precision Drive Systems

ACROGEARS Valve Mounting


Black Amalgon

Aris Electric Actuators


Aris Product Catalog (9MB)

NANO — Electro-mechanical part-turn actuator Data sheet (10MB)

NANO+ — Electro-mechanical part-turn actuator Data sheet (20MB)

TENSOR — Fully electronic rotary drive Data sheet(14MB)

CL — Electro-mechanical rotary drive Data sheet (8MB)


D82TM Technical Manual (200kb)

D82 Technical Manual (192kb)

D86 250 Technical Manual (1.4Mb)

D87 Technical Manual (128kb)

D87 High Temp Manual (792kb)


Beck Brochure (1.2Mb)

Aluminium Industry (634kb)

Quarter-Turn Valves (865kb)

Water and Wastewater Treatment (609kb)

Industrial Steam Boilers (278kb)

Control Drives for Dampers (1.24Mb)

Mining and Mineral Industry (303kb)

Pulp and Paper Industry (242kb)

Cement and Lime Plants (297kb)

Electric and Utility Industry (409kb)


Camtorc Brochure (1.7Mb)

Imtex SLR Brochure (104kb)


J & J Brochure (1.1 Mb)


Koei Brochure (104kb)


Limitorque MX Multi-turn Electric Actuator

Limitorque QX Quarter-Turn Electric Actuator

L120 Brochure (777kb)

L270_Brochure (777kb)

SMB Brochure (777kb)

LY Brochure (1.5Mb)

B320 Brochure (324kb)

PT Series Brochure (111kb)

HBC Series Brochure (111kb)


General Brochure (376kb)

MF Series (1.2Mb)

M Series (1.76Mb)

98 Series (740kb)

SE Series (245kb)

Bevel Series (1.08Mb)


Noah NA Series Brochure (480Kb)

SA05 Brochure (668kb)


AC Motor Interface (94kb)

AC Positioning Calibrator (20kb)

AC Motor Controller 2A (64kb)

AC Motor Controllers (91kb)

24VDC Power Supply (22kb)

AC to DC Motor Converter Module (36kb)

Solenoid Valve Controller (82kb)

Digital High Resolution Controller (64kb)

DC Motor Controllers (93kb)

DC Motor Controller 5A (62kb)

Current Loop Indicator (27kb)

Current Loop Calibrator (12kb)

Log Rate Controller (65kb)

Pneumatic Power Loop Module (76kb)

Feedback Potentiometer Transmitter (25kb)

Command Potentiometer Transmitter (20kb)

Repeat Cycle Timer (46kb)

Proximity Controls

Mark 1 (508kb)

Mark 3 (488kb)

Mark 4 (504kb)

Mark 6 (504kb)

PS Automation

PS Automation PSR (752kb)

PS Automation PSQ (264kb)

PS Automation AMS (344kb)


QTRCO Features (72kb)


Pneumatrol Reflex Solenoid Valve Brochure (794kb)

Pneumatrol MC30 Plug and Socket Coil Unit (500kb)

TA Roloff

TA 130 (928kb)

TA Roloff FM Systems (584kb)


Trevisan Brochure (348kb)

Valve Kits Australia



VRC Brochure (3Mb)


YTC 1000 Rotary Datasheet (180 kb)

YTC 1000 Linear Datasheet (232 kb)

YTC 1200 Linear Datasheet (152kb)

YTC 1200 Rotary Datasheet (180kb)

YTC 1300 Series Datasheet (140kb)

YTC 1300 Brochure (1Mb)