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Acro-Matic YT1000 Series Valve Positioner

July 19, 2012

For over fifteen years Acrodyne have been suppliers of the Acro-Matic YT1000 electro pneumatic positioners to the Australian market. The YT1000 can be supplied in either rotary or linear format. The rotary option suits all ¼ turn applications such as rack and pinion and scotch yoke actuators whilst the linear is easily adaptable to diaphragm control valves and linear pneumatic cylinders.

YT-3400 Smart Exd Electro Pneumatic Positioner

April 5, 2012

Acrodyne are proud to announce the recently released Acro-Matic YTC YT-3400 series Electro Pneumatic EXd Flameproof Positioner certified IECex ( Exd llc T5/T6). As with previous models, the YT-3400 features an easy to see LCD display offering a range of information which can be accessed via the non intrusive push buttons.

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