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Boyne Smelter Incinerator Upgrade

Boyne Smelter Incinerator Upgrade

December 2, 2016

Acrodyne received an enquiry for equipment to manage a pitch fume incinerator at Boyne Smelter’s Wharf. The incinerator uses natural gas to burn off pitch volatiles while still contributing heat to the HTF circuit. With the incinerator being exposed to salt water corrosion and UV the selection of the actuation unit was critical.
ACRODYNE WIOA EXHIBITION - Electric Actuator,electric, actuator


September 21, 2016

Over 1400 individuals attended the Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition held by the Water Industry Operators Association’s (WIOA).  This important water industry event was held in Bendigo and delegates from all states in Australia were represented at the event.
NSW Water Treatment Plant Safety Upgrade

NSW Water Treatment Plant Safety Upgrade

August 31, 2016

In 1986 a 900mm and 1050mm Bladeseal Butterfly valves were designed by John Valves in accordance with a Water Treatment Plant’s engineering specifications.  Moving forward 30 years and the same valves are finally going into service not before a quick overhaul by AVE John Valves with the replacement of seals and an epoxy coating.
Limitorque QX-2 Actuator

Efficiency upgrade at ITL Healthcare

August 17, 2016

q ITL’s Healthcare’s Head Office, located in Melbourne,  required Acrodyne to replace a critical valve and actuator on their purpose built Class 3500 (ISO 8) cleanroom and quality system (ISO-13485:2003 compliant) that provides surgical products, medical devices and clinical solutions to Healthcare Facilities throughout Australia.
Limitorque QX install at Weir Industries - Limitorque,QX,Electric Actuator,Electric,Actuator,Acrodyne,ACROTORQ

Limitorque Actuator Solution in Arid Conditions

May 11, 2016

Following an actuator installation and commissioning failure in a remote iron ore mine Acrodyne provided a fast turn-around and fail-safe solution other suppliers were unable to match.

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