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Acro-Gear Manual Gear Operators – Now IP68 Rated

October 1, 2012

Acrodyne’s exclusive range of Acro-Gear heavy duty worm and bevel gear operators now come standard with another outstanding feature: Ingress protection rating of IP68 for submersible duty! This new feature is an asset in any installation situation, allowing the gear operater to resist varying weather conditions which may be encountered during service, such as rain and dust ingress.

Protecting your Assets

August 6, 2012

Available from Acrodyne the Acro-Gears Aunspach Torque Master Handwheel Overtorque Protector, was developed after observing that many valves and actuators are damaged each year by excess operating torque. The company says a one-time “Insurance Premium” of an amount typically less than 1% of the installed valve/actuator value will prevent over-torque damage for the life of the valve/ actuator.

Robust, High Thrust Gear Operator

The Limitorque MT series available from Acrodyne is a superior combination of a bevel gear operator torque housing with a new thrust base design ideally suited for torque-seated valve applications and applications involving elevated process temperatures. Both the bevel gear and the thrust base housings are of ductile iron.

Acro-Gears Innovative Dual-Input Manual Valve Operators

July 19, 2012

The Acro-gears range of dual input manual valve operators now offered in both worm and bevel gear configuration for butterfly, gate and globe valves respectively.

Acro-Gears Heavy Duty Worm Gear Actuators

The Acro-Gears ASB series of worm gear actuators available from Acrodyne – Designed specifically for heavy duty ball, butterfly, plug valve and damper applications

Acro-Gears release Buried Service Valve Indicator

May 11, 2012

Acro-Gears have released the Trumbull position indicator for buried service valves in the Water and Waste Water industry. Benefits for using the position indicator in such locations are: Eliminates broken valve stems caused by over-opening or over-closing Field-adjustable for any number of turns within the range of each model Constructed of heavy-duty, non-corrosive Dupont Delrin polymer, providing high-impact resistance even in cold climates Double O-ring seals keep out water and dirt; 3rd-party tested to over 1 million revolutions Provided with stainless steel hardware

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