Stainless Steel Chainwheels


Acrodyne’s range of AcroGear Stainless Steel Chainwheels allow operation of overhead valves by means of a slight pull of a chain.

drop-chainThe universal design allows the chainwheel to be clamped to an existing handwheel or pinned directly to valve stem while the stainless steel body is designed specifically for corrosive environments. Our Stainless Steel Chainwheels are type 316 investment steel castings.

Ideal in chemical processing, outdoor installations, or salt water environments. All Chainwheels are furnished with all required attachment hardware for clamping to an existing valve handwheel or when Chainwheel is to be pinned directly to valve stem, two different direct mount adapters are available for additional versatility.

All stainless steel chainwheels are supplied with a pocket style chain drive, which utilises a use smooth, welded link chain for ease of use and operation. This chain is calibrated specifically for use on the full range of Acro-Gear pocket-type Chainwheels and is required for smooth operation.

To provide additional safety and to prevent any serious injury, we also recommend the use of our Secondary Safety Restraint System available for use on all Acrodyne’s chainwheel systems.

Avoid corrosion, use Stainless Steel

Avoid corrosion, use Stainless Steel

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