Andrew Hartley conducting a site survey for one of the Melbourne Water sites, this process is the same for fixed or portable actuators.

The sight is Dights Falls which is a rapid and weir on the Yarra River in Melbourne, Victoria, just downstream of the junction with the Merri Creek. At this point the river narrows and is constricted between 800,000-year-old volcanic, basaltic lava flow and a much older steep, silurian, sedimentary spur.
A two-metre-high weir has blocked migration of freshwater fish to feed and spawn since it was constructed for a flour mill in the early 1840s.
AWMA Water Control Solutions were integrally involved in the fish ladder incorporating their Penstocks, as well as full site survey AWMA also provided original data.


The fish ladder Penstocks will receive stainless steel extension shafts (inner/outer), Acrogear bevel gearboxes, overtorque protectors ensuring asset protection and a petrol powered portable actuator.

If you would like to learn more about portable actuators, click on this link
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