Beck Group 75 Rotary Electric Actuator

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Beck Group 22 rotary actuators are high-temperature actuators for tight, dirty conditions.

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Beck’s compact rotary actuator is an evolutionary design that combines the performance, reliability and control advantages of beck actuators with an extremely efficient and flexible form factor.

The Beck Group 75 Actuators compact rotary actuators were originally designed to control boiler windbox damper applications. Today they are used in numerous ways. Constructed with multiple mounting points makes it flexible to fit into tight areas. Great for controlling small rotary valves and damper applications. The model 75 actuators adapt to challenging heat and space configurations that other actuators cannot accommodate. This video above shares more about the Group 75 actuators.

The Group 75 design incorporates the standard Beck features including multiple mounting points, allowing the actuator to be installed in every type of mounting orientations, direct coupled or link connected.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 70 cm
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If not in stock: 8 / 14 weeks


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