ACROTORQ Electric Actuator 30Nm, 8 secs, 24VDC, F03/F04/F05, 11mm Square, IP 67 – SA003-24VDC

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Noah SA003 Actuator, 30Nm, 8 secs, 24VDC/AC, F03/F04/F05, 11mm Square, IP 67

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ACROTORQ SA Series of electric actuators are particular suited for small quarter turn applications in piping, portable water management systems and in various plants such as water treatment, pulp, paper, ship building and air conditioning combined with ball, butterfly, plug valves and dampers. Its compact and simple design will ensure reliability and quality performance. Noah SA Series of electric actuators are available for torques up to 50Nm and with its various options is the ideal solution for compact valve automation.


  • Designed for small quarter-turn applications.
  • This actuator can also automate valves requiring up to 360-degrees rotation.
  • Engineered to be lightweight and compact for greater versatility.
  • The unique housing design allows various options to be installed without the additional cost of an external enclosure.
  • 4-LED lights are located inside the high impact dome indicator. When the actuator reaches the full open or full close position,the dome lights will illuminate and allow added visibility over a greater distance or in low light areas.
  • To help protect the components and extend the actuators life, a 2-watt anti- condensation heater is included as standard.
  • Included with the end of travel motor switches are two additional dry- contacts for auxiliary indication.
  • A thermal protector is provided to protect the motor from over heating.
  • The worm gear drive eliminates the possibility of back drive and the need for motor brakes.
  • Designed for mounting in any orientation.
  • In case of a power loss, the manual over-ride is provided for positioning the valve.
  • 3 ISO mounting pads are provided for greater flexibility.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 18 cm

Documents & Downloads

Electrically Actuated T and L Port Ball Valves V1.0 (1.0Mb)

ACROTORQ SA Series Electric Actuator Brochure (1.6Mb)

Acrodyne 3-Piece Ball Valves Datasheet (1.0Mb)

Wiring Diagrams

ACROTORQ Electric Actuator – SA-ALL Single Phase SU-82000-A (23kb)

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