Trumbull TR0.0 Ductile Iron Chainwheel for 2″ to 4″ Handwheels – 367-1873

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Sprocket-Type, for use with Single Loop Cut Chain used to operate overhead valves from the floor.

Size No.: TR-0.0
Diameter: 4″
Weight: 2.25lbs
Handwheel OD Range Chainwheel will Fit: 2″ to 4″
Chain Size: #2

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Ductile Iron Chainwheels allow operation of valves in high, hard-to reach locations by means of a slight pull on the galvanized single loop chain or s/s pocket type. A flexible design allows for the Chainwheel to be easily and securely clamped to an existing valve handwheel, or pinned to the valve stem directly.

All Chainwheels are furnished with universal plated steel attachment hardware which makes adaption to existing valves quick and easy or when the Chainwheel is to be pinned to valve stem, a ductile iron bushing can be provided which can be machined to suit valve stem dimensions. Bushing and Chainwheel will be pre-drilled with pinhole, and supplied with a stainless steel pin for customer mounting to valve stem.

How to calculate required chain length

Galvanized chain for Trumbull chainwheel 367-1873 requires 2 x Drop length + 1ft length – Chain Size #2 (P/N# 172-1650)

Example: If chainwheel 367-1873 is positioned 8 ft above ground level then 2 x 8 ft is required for drop length = 16 ft + 1 ft extra to fit around chainwheel = 17 ft

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm
Diameter of Chainwheel

Standard Lead-time

If not in stock: 4 / 6 weeks

Documents & Downloads

Acrogears Trumbull Chainwheel Specifications

Acrogears Secondary Safety Restraint System




Galvanized Chain 172-1650 for chainwheel – chain size #2
Acrogears Secondary Safety Restraint System – Select 2” Eyebolt (367-1968)

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