Robust, High Thrust Gear Operator

The Limitorque MT series available from Acrodyne is a superior combination of a bevel gear operator torque housing with a new thrust base design ideally suited for torque-seated valve applications and applications involving elevated process temperatures. Both the bevel gear and the thrust base housings are of ductile iron. Robust thrust bearings and drive sleeve/stem nut design combine to offer the most rugged bevel gear operator available for handling the seating and unseating forces of high pressure gate and globe valves used in power plants world-wide. The operator stem nut is shouldered in the drive sleeve to capture thrust forces within the thrust housing without transferring those forces to the torque housing.

Available in torque ranges to 4067 Nm and thrust ranges to 45,000 Kg, the MT series provides high efficiency and strong design for every application. When motorized by the Limitorque MX, SMB, or L120 series electric actuators, the MT offers flexibility for a wide range of valve opening and closing times. Backed by unsurpassed sales and service support Acrodyne together with Limitorque Actuation Systems delivers the technology needed for reliable power plant valve operation today and for years to come.


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