QTRCO Rack & Gear™ Actuators because … they provide more Uptime

The QTRCO Q-Series ¼ Turn Rack & Gear™ actuators offer many benefits not found in common rack and pinion or scotch yoke actuators. Our offset pistons eliminate internal, life shortening, cantilever loads while the patented saddle assembly contributes to having the lowest friction actuator on the market. Low friction, combined with the rack and gear operating mechanism produce an exceptional throttling control capability as well as economical on-off operation. Many additional features, as well as the fact that the Q-Series actuators are made of 316 stainless steel – inside and out – make the QTRPAQ an excellent choice for actuating all ¼ turn valves.

Long Life and Less Maintenance
The low friction design decreases wear and increases cycle life while also simplifying maintenance should it be needed

Seven reasons we achieve lower friction and longer life:

1. Offset cylinders eliminate internal cantilever forces so that the pistons are not pushed against the cylinder wall.
2. Roller type rack support eliminates the sliding friction inherent in R&P type actuators.
3. Twin side rails on inward edges of the racks roll on the cylindrical shaft to assure proper gear engagement.
4. Pressure balanced shafts—equal cross sections on both ends prevent ‘pistoning’ of the shaft.
5. Massive shaft bushings reduce friction while assuring that the shaft can never contact the body.
6. Springs are located inward of the pistons for safety, reduced air consumption, less opening ‘jump’ on high seating torque valves simplicity of piston seal replacement (with actuator and accessories mounted on the still in-line valve). To eliminate shaft seal leakage as a failure factor as no pressure is applied to the shaft seal, they cannot leak.
7. They are made of 316SS to prevent corrosion.

Easy to mount
Female shafting and universal mounting design eliminates brackets and couplings

Standardized Accessory Mountings
Full NAMUR accessory drive dimensions assure compatibility to industry standard switches and positioners – on top and bottom sides

Field Reversible
Duplicate drive dimensions on top and bottom enable reversal of spring failure by simply turning the actuator top side down

1/8” Cylinder walls resist handling & ‘dropped wrench’ damage

…Plus they work better and in more applications

Exceptional Throttling Control
Reduced friction facilitates precise position control and smooth operation

High Temperature
Up to 400F continuous and 450°F intermittent with optional bushings and Viton O-rings

Low Pressure Options
Enlarged or multiple cylinders allow full torque output with 30 and 40 psi supply pressures

Sanitary Applications
All stainless steel construction
Electro-polished option
Pressurized body to exclude contaminants

High Speed Option
Enlarged air ports + internal shock absorption enables full travel in 0.1 second

High Cycle Applications
Some are documented to run over 15,000,000 cycles

… they are safe to maintain
Captured SpringpaQ prevents injury to maintenance personnel

… And they have what we believe to be the best warranty in the industry

3 Year Performance Warranty
If actuator fails to perform to expectations within 3 years from distributor ship date, QTRCO will rebuild or replace it. See warranty statement for details.

QTRCO Actuators are stocked at Acrodyne’s Bayswater facility.

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