Enolgas Actuated Valve Package

MaxAirEnolgasManufacturer: Enolgas



Features & Standards

  • SWIFT•O•MATIC ISO•TOP valves are in brass, heavy and appositely designed to be easily and quickly automated by actuators.
  • Full bore.
  • Connections to actuators according to ISO 5211.
  • Threaded ends: UNI EN 10226 – NPT.
  • ISO 228 – BSPT on request.
  • PED 97/23/CE – H FORM.

Application Limits

-20°C + 130°C (valve).
-20°C + 100°C (pre-insulated valve).
-20°C + 70°C (actuator).
Mounting kit and heaters shall be used with presence of humidity or condensation.

Main Applications

  • Hot and cold water.
  • Air.
  • Hydrocarbons in general.
  • Non-aggressive fluids.

Connection with actuators

The connection between valve and actuator is extremely stable: stem, square and ISO 5211 flange.

Advantages & Competitiveness

The mechanical features of SWIFT•O•MATIC ISO•TOP provide the automated valve with appreciable advantages.

The reduced operating torque allows an extreme reduction in the choice of electrical or pneumatic actuators.

This advantage turns into a significant saving as far as the cost for the whole package valve + actuator is concerned.








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