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Harmonic,Drive,Gearhead,Assembly,HD,Acrodyne,component set,cutawayManufacturer: Harmonic Drive

Harmonic Drive Systems offer’s the machine and motion control design engineer the widest choice of harmonic drive gearing products. Multiple manufacturing facilities in The United States, Japan and Germany maintain the high quality, precision and reliability standards required by the industry.

Harmonic,Drive,Gearhead,Assembly,HD,Acrodyne,component setThese electromechanical actuators have many superior performance features including zero backlash, high accuracy, fast response time, high vacuum compatibility, and are available in a wide range of sizes, and hollow shaft designs. These servo actuators are easy to use and offer quick implementation.
They are compatible with most industry-standard controllers and amplifiers.
Servo actuators are an assembly of a brush or brushless servo motor, zero backlash harmonic drive gear, and a high capacity output bearing. These elements are contained within a housing.

Harmonic,Drive,Gearhead,Assembly,HD,Acrodyne,component setThese gearheads can be easily adapted to any OEM servo motor. Harmonic Drive products offer zero-backlash with gear ratios from 30:1 to 160:1. Precision planetary gearing products are available with gear ratios from 3:1 to 45:1 with backlash maintained below 1 arc-min. High capacity output bearings are utilized for robust and accurate support of loads. Other benefits include flange and shaft output configurations, hollow shaft designs, and sizes ranging from 0.625 inches to over 10 inches in diameter.

Component Sets
Harmonic,Drive,Gearhead,Assembly,HD,Acrodyne,component setHarmonic Drive component sets are the core motion control mechanisms. These zero backlash products offer the widest design flexibility. Products can be selected which offer the optimum dimension and performance based on the available volume within the customer-designed housing. High Torque, Ultra Flat, and Hollow Shaft Options are available. Customers can use these high accuracy gearing components are core building block for custom high performance servo actuators and motion control mechanisms. Customer-supplied servo motors can be easily integrated into the design.

The Harmonic Drive Systems have industrial application in:

  • Machine Tools
  • Medical
  • Robotics’
  • Semiconductor
  • Printing and Converting
  • Aerospace


HarmonicDrive Precision Drive Systems

Harmonic Drive Product Guide (2.9Mb)

RSF 3B Super Mini Series (3Mb)

RSF 5 Super Mini Series (2.2Mb)

Direct Drive Motor KDU Series (2.4MB)

Harmonic Planetary HPG Series (3.8Mb)

Harmonic Drive CSD Series (9.7Mb)

Harmonic Drive Short Form Catalogue (544kb)

HPG Right Angle Type (864kb)


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