Proximity Controls

Proximity controls, switchbox, pneumatic, Acrodyne,

Proximity Controls, switchbox, pneumatic, Acrodyne

Manufacturer: Proximity Controls

Proximity Controls’ range of position indicating devices, available at Acrodyne, feature one of the most comprehensive range of switch, transmitting and approval options available.

Rotary Position Indicator

  • Mark 1 – Magnetically coupled switches and transmitters.
  • Mark 3 – Multi-turn switches and transmitters.
  • Mark 4 – Thru-shaft switches and transmitters.
  • Mark 6 – Hermetically sealed reed switch.

PDF Downloads

Proximty Controls Mark 1 (508kb)

Proximity Controls Mark 3 (488kb)

Proximity Controls Mark 4 (504kb)

Proximity Controls Mark 6 (504kb)


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