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qtrco, pneumatic actuator, AcrodyneManufacturer: QTRCO

Group: Pneumatic Actuator
QTRCO manufactures Patented, Long Life, Low Maintenance 1/4 Turn Rack & Gear Actuators for control of valves, dampers and machinery which are available at Acrodyne. Our design incorporates advanced features which contribute to exceptional performance in high speed, high temperature, low temperature, low supply pressure, high cycle, and corrosive applications for both on/off and fine throttling purposes.

QTRPAQ Rack & Gear 1/4 Turn Actuators are designed to provide longer life with less maintenance in high speed, high cycle, high temperature, low temperature, on/off, throttling and corrosive applications.


  • Offset cylinders, roller type rack support, rack guide rails, pressure balanced shafts, massive shaft bushings, captured springs located inward of the pistons contribute to safety and simplified maintenance.
  • The “Q”(Tie rods) and “QB” (non-tie rod) Series employ all 316 SS construction for complete assurance against corrosion caused failures.
  • The “X” Series employs 316SS shafts and racks with lower cost materials used for the body and cylinders.
  • Creative mounting design provides flexibility to conveniently fit your application via direct or bracket mounting.
  • Hollow shafts enable ‘close mounting’ to long splined shafts.
  • Separated cylinder design allows addition of tandem pistons for users with low supply pressures and for users who require PARTIAL STROKE testing of safety valves.

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