LPS Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Actuator

Limitorque LPS Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Actuator, Scotch yokeManufacturer: Limitorque

Group: Pneumatic Actuator

The Limitorque Pneumatic Scotch Yoke (LPS) Heavy-Duty Actuator, supplied to Australia and New Zealnd by Acrodyne, is designed to meet the industry’s most recent and stringent safety and performance standards for oil and gas applications. With a maximum allowable working pressure of 12 barg (174 psig), the Scotch yoke actuator provides up to 250 kNm (184 000 ft-lb) of precisely controlled torque.


Boiler Circulation, Decoking, Desalination, Filtration, Gas Production, Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale, Water Supply and Distribution (water), Nuclear Service, Petroleum Production and Refining, Sewage Collection and Treatment, Tank Farm Transfer, Molten Salt Transfer


Mining, Nuclear Power, Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution, Power Generation


EN 15714, ISO 9001
The Limitorque LPS pneumatic actuator is ideal for any application where a robust design, long service life and high-speed operation are required. Among the most important benefits of this product:

  • Industry-leading, 25-year design life, depending on service conditions, proper installation, operation and maintenance
  • Maintenance intervals up to six years or as prescribed in EN 15714 endurance testing
  • Warranty terms over and above typical industry standards
  • 12 barg (174 psig) maximum allowable working pressure
  • Quick stroking times — less than 0.5 seconds
  • Up to 250 kNm (184 000 ft-lb) of torque
  • NOTE: For sizes up to 800 kNm (590 000 ft-lb), consult factory.
  • -60°C (-76°F) to 160°C (320°F) operating temperature range
  • Newly developed controls packages for precise torque control and safety functionality

Product Features

Heavy-duty design features a robust construction with high-strength materials that deliver maximum force while minimizing localized stresses. The LPS is designed for a maximum allowable working pressure of 12 barg (174 psig), as standard for operation across a full range of applications. Its low displacement design reduces operation and controls package costs. The actuator is available in single-acting spring return and double-acting configurations.

Reliable, compact, high-cycle yoke design minimizes transverse loads. A symmetrical yoke is standard, and a canted yoke is available optionally. The torque module includes numerous heavy-duty features, including:

  • Maximized valve bore and a closed-yoke design
  • Guide block for directional alignment of linear forces, transfer of side loads to the guide bar, and transfer of torque to the yoke
  • Slider block with optimized surface areas for long life, minimal wear and increased efficiency
  • High-strength yoke pin for maximum torque transfer while minimizing wear and localized stresses

Rapid emergency response in less than 0.5 seconds achieved through optimized design. The LPS is designed with emphasis on ever-increasing requirements for ultra-fast response. The result is the smallest possible displacement volume for given torque outputs, resulting in the fastest possible cylinder exhaust — ideal for emergency applications (ESD or HIPPS).

Standard and custom controls packages are available for myriad applications.

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ACROMATIC LPS Heavy Duty Pneumatic Actuator

LPS LPC Product Flyer (656 kb)

Limitorque Heavy-Duty Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator LFENFL0001-00-A4 (LPS)


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