L270 Series Pneumatic Multi-turn Actuator

Limitorque L270 SeriesManufacturer: LIMITORQUE

Group: Pneumatic Multi-turn Actuator

The Most Advanced Low Pressure Gas/Pneumatic Operator In The World The L270 Operator is manufactured to the most stringent standards in the world Incorporating both total reliability and the industry’s most innovative control features, the L270 series reflects Limitorque’s decades of experience in and dedication to perfecting pneumatic valve control.

Available with an extensive variety of control packages to satisfy any control system, the L-70 series maximizes operating flexibility by featuring versatile component compatibility with its parent line, the L120 series electric operator known world wide as the industry standard.

Commonly used wherever fail safe performance is required, industries use our pneumatic operators for oil and gas transmission, distribution and refining, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and water and waste applications.

Features & benefits

  • L270 actuator is mechanically self-locking. Dynamic forces within the valve body cannot change actuator position.
  • Automatic de-clutching hand wheel prevents backdriving and permits manual operation of frozen or locked motors during emergency shut-downs.
  • Travel limit switch is gear driven and 100% repeatable. Electric or pneumatic switches can be provided.
  • Torque limit control switch senses and protects the valve and actuator from mechanical overload.
  • In many application actuators can be removed from service without compromising valve integrity.
  • Compact Design – especial for large size valves where space may be a factor.
  • Versatility -for use on all types of valves and dampers: butterfly, gate, globe, ball, plug: as a stand-alone actuator or coupled to a gearbox.

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