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The Camtorc S Type range of pneumatic actuators provides highly reliable, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation, which is available at Acrodyne, for rotary valves and dampers. The patented design utilises a profiled cam that ensures a constant torque is generated throughout the entire stroke of the pneumatic actuator. In addition, the lack of internal gearing means that backlash is eliminated, making the S Type an excellent choice for modulating control applications.The S Type range is available for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in either double acting or spring return configurations with a full range of control accessories. Actuator bodies, spring cylinders and internal components are of steel construction, with drive shafts of 316 stainless steel.

Patented Design
Unique cam design that offers simple, backlash free operation with constant torque throughout stroke (double acting version).

High Integrity Construction
Actuators only utilise steel and stainless steel materials for all actuator components and are fully tested on assembly to provide superior operational life.

No Side Forces
Giving an extended life of seals and components.

Whole Life Cost
Exceptionally low wear providing low maintenance (For example, the complex assemblies required to dissipate the high side loads generated by other actuator types are totally eliminated) and initial competitive pricing, S type actuator provides the optimum whole life cost solution for the customer.

Paint Finish
Standard paint finish for steel actuators is offshore epoxy. Other paint specifications available on request.

Hydraulic Operating Parameters
Standard operating pressure range is 3 bar to 300 bar. Standard temperature range is -30°C to 100°C. Increased ranges available on request.

Pneumatic Operating Parameters
Standard operating pressure range is 2.7 bar to 10.5 bar (maximum over-pressure 15 bar). Standard temperature range is – 30°C to 100°C. Increased ranges available on request.

Wide Torque Range
Torque range extends from 6Nm to 23,400Nm with standard actuators. Special actuators up to 60,000Nm available on request.

Adjustable Stroke Lengths
End stops can be fitted to provide full adjustability throughout the range of the actuator.

Full Torque Output
The output of the spring return unit is the same as that of the double acting actuator. At the beginning of the spring stroke there is a 15% increase in torque output, a useful safety premium.

Compact Dimensions
The high torque output allows the use of a smaller size spring return actuator than is the case with conventional units.

Long Spring Life
The springs are stress relieved after forming to ensure a long life.

Simple Mounting
Mounting to valves or dampers is simple through ISO mounting flange on underside of the actuator.

Wide Range of Accessory Options
A complete range of control accessories including position monitors, solenoids, positioners, filter regulators, etc. are available. Factory design and assembly of control systems ensures full requirements are satisfied.

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