SMAR LD300 Series Transmitter for Flow Applications

Siemens LD300 Series Transmitter for Flow ApplicationsLD300 Series – highly accurate, Compact and Multiple Protocol supported Pressure Transmitter for Pressure, Level and Flow Applications.

  • ± 0.04% high performance option;
  • ± 0.2% of URL stability guarantee for 12 Years;
  • 120:1 rangeability;
  • Span as small as 50 Pa (0.2 inH2O) up to a range limit of 40 MPa (5800 psi);
  • Up to 52 MPa static pressure (7500 psi);
  • Direct digital capacitance sensing (no A/D conversion);
  • True non-interactive zero and span;
  • Local zero and span adjustment;
  • Remote calibration and parameterization;
  • Transfer functions: linear, V x, V x and V x ;
  • Tank linearization;
  • Alphanumerical LCD indication;
  • Siemens LD300 Series Transmitter for Flow ApplicationsSmall and lightweight;
  • Explosion proof and weather proof housing approved (IP67);
  • Intrinsically safe certification;
  • Signal simulation for loop tests;
  • Non-volatile flow totalization;
  • Configurable user unit;
  • Configurable local adjustment;
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) according to IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-4 and IEC 61326;
  • Write protection function;
  • Three protocols options: HART®, FoundationTM Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA.
  • Supported by DD, DDL and FDT/DTM

For all features, technical characteristics, performance, specifications and ordering code, see LD300 Series catalog.

Siemens LD300 Series Transmitter for Flow ApplicationsSiemens LD300 Series Transmitter for Flow ApplicationsSiemens LD300 Series Transmitter for Flow ApplicationsSiemens LD300 Series Transmitter for Flow Applications




LD301 – HART® – 4 to 20 mA Pressure Transmitter Models

  • Update output current in 100 ms with 0.75 µA/bit resolution;
  • Improved performance due to dedicated math co-processor;
  • Multi-drop operation mode;
  • PID control function;
  • Supports DTM and EDDL;
  • Bi-directional flow measurement;
  • With FMEDA analysis and MTBF of 244 years.

LD302 – FoundationTM Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter Models

  • 17 different types of function blocks for control strategies and advanced diagnostics;
  • Up to 20 function blocks;
  • Execution of up to 29 external links;
  • 12 mA consumption;
  • Dynamic block instantiation improves interchangeability;
  • Fieldbus Foundation registered and ITK approved;
  • MVC enabled;
  • MTBF of 186 years.

LD303 – PROFIBUS PA Pressure Transmitter Models

  • 12mA consumption;
  • Function blocks for analog input and totalization;
  • Integrated to SMAR PROFIBUS View and Simatic PDM
  • Supports DTM and EDDL;
  • Profile 3.0 improves interchangeability;
  • MTBF of 186 years

These instruments can be configured with SMAR software and other manufacturers’ configuration tools. Local adjustment is available in all LD300 Series. It is possible to configure zero and span, totalization, set point and other control functions using the magnetic screwdriver.

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