Differential pressure flow meter: SITRANS F O

Differential pressure measurement is a universal flow measurement for liquids, gases and vapors. Differential pressure flow meter always provide accurate results even with large bores, high temperature and extreme pressure.

Primary differential pressure devices, like SITRANS F O orifice, are standardized mechanical flow sensors according DIN EN ISO 5167 which are used for volume and mass flow measurement. The SITRANS F O orifice are suitable for non-corrosive and corrosive gases, vapors and liquids; permissible operating temperature -60 to +570 °C. The created differential pressue will be converted with the help of a differential pressure transmitter SITRANS P delta P into a proportional flow signal. For calculation of the SITRANS F O orifice to DIN EN ISO 5167 is an completed filled out questionnaire necessary.

Differential pressure flow meter application examples: Power stations, Petrochemical industry and the Chemical industry


  • Orifice flowmeters are very robust and can be used in a wide range of nominal diameters
  • Suitable for wide ranges of temperature and pressure
  • No calibration required as the process is standardized
  • The electronics required in addition can be used over a long distance from the measuring location
  • The differential pressure measurement is well known and has a large installed base


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