Blac Inc. Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Manufacturer: Blac Inc.

BLAC INC. engineers and constructs the highest quality electro-hydraulic linear or rotary output actuators, hydraulic controls, and hydraulic power units for industries throughout the world. Our actuator systems deliver reliable long term continuous operation, unique features, and ease of maintenance.

BLAC INC. products are developed for severe service applications that can cause other equipment to fail, such as:

  • Low or High Temperature Ambient Conditions
  • Environments Highly Contaminated with Dust, Catalyst, Coke Fines, Fly Ash, Corrosion or Acids
  • High Humidity
  • Severe Vibration

Using state-of-the-art components and construction methods, BLAC INC. personnel engineer all equipment with computer aided design, 3-D modeling, computer controlled machining centers, and in-house quality control from start to finish.

Industries Serviced

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit Applications on All Major Licensee Operating Units

Recognizing that the unexpected does happen (and components do fail), BLAC INC. realistically approaches systems design. Our mission is to design systems that provide continued process unit operation if major components are damaged or lose functionality.

Because of our no-nonsense methodology, BLAC INC. is the premier supplier of slide, plug, and butterfly valve actuator systems worldwide for FCCU applications on All Major Licensee Operating Units. The BLAC INC. systems are proven to provide long term reliability, accuracy, and true redundancy of components to handle the situation when the unexpected occurs.

  • Catalyst Slide and Plug Valves
  • Double Disc Flue Gas
  • Expander Inlet, Bypass and Outlet Butterfly
  • Wet Gas Compressor
  • Air Blower Control

Delayed Coker Upper and Lower Deheading Actuator Systems

BLAC INC. is the new standard for coker deheading actuator systems. Present in our coker equipment is the same proven technology used in thousands of our FCCU applications.

  • Redundant Mechanical Controls
  • Redundant Electrical and Electronic Controls
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Customizable System
  • Upper and Lower Deheading Valve Systems
  • Vapor and Product Isolation
  • Switching Valve Actuators
  • PLC-Based Controls
  • Hydraulic Power Units


BLAC INC. actuators improve process control efficiency by controlling accurately to the command setpoint.

If the existing process is controlled to +/- 3.0% (because of inaccurate actuator response), then the improvement that comes from the control of 0.1% is dramatic.

Effectively, boiler oscillations are reduced by 2.9% for this example — providing significant improvements.

  • Induced Draft and Forced Draft Dampers
  • Primary and Secondary Air Flow Control Dampers
  • CE Boiler Corner Fired Tilt Drives
  • Reheat and Superheat Spraywater
  • Fuel Gas and Boiler Feedwater Regulation Valves
  • Startup Valve Actuator Systems
  • Selective Catalyst Reduction Inlet, Outlet, and Bypass Dampers
  • Fluid Coupling Modulating Drives

Main Steam and Gas Turbine Control Hydraulic Actuators and Hydraulic Power Units

BLAC INC. main steam and gas turbine control hydraulic actuators and hydraulic power units offer the latest technology available in the industry worldwide.

BLAC INC. control systems improve critical turbine control concerns:

  • Reliability
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Redundant Components
  • Control Valves on Large GE, Siemens- Westinghouse, and Delaval Steam and Gas Turbines
  • Inlet Guide Vane Actuators on GE, Siemens, and Westinghouse Gas Turbines
  • Stator Vane Actuators for Compressors and Air Blowers

Damper Applications for Boilers and Furnaces

BLAC INC. actuators will meet the harshest real world specifications.

0.1% of stroke (linear or rotary) — for accurate damper control under load conditions and at full rated speed.

  • Induced Draft and Forced Draft
  • Primary and Secondary Air Flow Control Damper
  • CE Boiler Corner Fired Tilt Drives
  • Selective Catalyst Reduction Systems
  • Inlet, Outlet, and Bypass Dampers

Gas and Liquid Pipeline Applications

BLAC INC. actuators provide modulating or on-off control with ultimate reliability.

Practically any speed of operation is available.

Any failsafe position is available with multiple failsafe options.

  • Pump Discharge and Distribution Control Valve Applications
  • Isolation Valve Actuators
  • Surge Control Valve Actuators
  • Surveillance Site Valve Actuators
  • Failsafe Applications

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