ACROGEARS Worm Gearbox

ACROGEARS, Worm Series Gearbox, Valve, Acrodyne, Actuator

Manufacturer: ACROGEARS Worm Gearbox

ACROGEARS Worm Gearboxes are suitable for use with ball, butterfly and plug valves and in other quarter turn applications.

The ACROGEARS worm gearbox increases the torque and mechanical advantage to allow for efficient valve operation. The gearboxes compliment Acrodyne’s actuation range and allow cost savings to the customer by being able to downsize the electric actuator required


  • Legends “Close-Open-Close” are cast directly on the cover
  • Ductile iron class 65-45-12 housing
  • Self aligning radial and thrust spherical roller bearings
  • Torque capabilities of up to 540,000Nm
  • Optional input padlock flange
  • Motor drive adaptors available

Bushing types
Spline permit accurate alignment of valve stem key.

Options such as handwheels, chainwheels etc are available at Acrodyne

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