Quarter-Turn Gearboxes

PT Series Gearbox

Limitorque, PT gearbox, electric actuator, Acrodyne Manufacturer: LIMITORQUE Limitorque’s PT series worm gear operators not only makes it easy to manually operate quarter-turn valves, it also makes it easy to convert to motorized service.

ACROGEARS Worm Gearbox

ACROGEARS, Worm Series Gearbox, Valve, Acrodyne, Actuator Manufacturer: ACROGEARS Worm Gearbox ACROGEARS Worm Gearboxes are suitable for use with ball, butterfly and plug valves and in other quarter turn applications. The ACROGEARS worm gearbox increases the torque and mechanical advantage to allow for efficient valve operation. The gearboxes compliment Acrodyne’s actuation range and allow cost savings to the customer by being able to downsize the electric actuator required

ACROGEARS Declutch Gearbox

ACROGEARS, Declutch, Gearbox, Handwheel Manual,Acrodyne Manufacturer: ACROGEARS This series is specifically developed for use with pneumatic and hydraulic actuators providing a positive mechanical means of manual operation.

HBC Series Gearbox

Limitorque Gearbox ACROGEARS HBC Series Manufacturer: LIMITORQUE Limitorque’s HBC series worm gear operators excel in diverse applications. Their dependability has been proven in the most demanding situations, ranging from nuclear power plants, to large damper operations, to power plant flue gas desulphurization.

M Series Gearbox

ACROGEARS, Mastergear,Manual, Gearbox, Handwheel Manual,Acrodyne Manufacturer: Mastergear The cast iron construction and the rugged design of the Mastergear “M” series range of manual valve actuators has been engineered to meet the arduous requirements demanded of industrial environments. Through corrosion resistant treatment of bare metal surfaces, a grey epoxy paint finish and the use of lip seals.

MF Series Gearbox

Limitorque, MF12 gearbox, quarter turn, m series, Acrodyne Manufacturer: Mastergear The MF series of ¼ turn actuators provide a second stage gear reduction for multi turn actuator drives to meet torques and operating times required by the industry. Applications for buried service of remote drive can also be utilizing the input flange feature.

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