ACROGEARS Bevel Series


Manufacturer: ACROGEARS

ACROGEARS, Bevel Series, Gearbox Valve, Acrodyne, instrumentationThis series is suitable for use with Gate and Globe type valves. Also Sluice gates and other types requiring linear motion for thrust and torque applications.




  • Unique top entry replaceable stem nut
  • Ductile iron class 65-45-12 housing
  • Thrust capabilities of up to 5,450,000N
  • Torque capabilities of up to 93,103Nm
  • Rising or non-rising stem designs
  • Motor drive adaptors available

ACROGEARS, Bevel Gearbox, Handwheel Manual, Acrodyne, cutaway









Options such as handwheels, chainwheels, stem covers, position dial indicators are available at Acrodyne

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ACROGEARS Bevel Gearbox (2.2Mb)



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