Limitorque QX Intelligent Series Electric Actuator

Limitorque,QX,Electric Actuator,Electric,Actuator,AcrodyneManufacturer: LIMITORQUE

Group: Electric Actuator

The Limitorque QX quarter-turn, smart electric valve actuator mimics the state of the art, non-intrusive, multi-turn MX electric actuator by including a patent pending absolute encoder for tracking position without the use of troublesome batteries. The Limitorque QX electric actuator design provides enhanced safety and reduced downtime through improved diagnostics, built in self test (BIST) features and LimiGard™ fault protection.
The Limitorque QX electric actuator design builds on more than 10 years of experience with proven Limitorque MX technology — the first-generation double-sealed electric valve actuator from Limitorque designed to provide control, ease of use and accuracy. The Limitorque QX electric actuator includes all the user-preferred features of the MX in a quarter-turn, smart actuator package.

Features of the Limitorque QX include:

  • An absolute encoder that simplifies valve automation from configuration and setup into normal operations, diagnostics and troubleshooting. The Limitorque QX electric actuator encoder employs system-on-chip technology using a contactless magnet that excites Hall effect devices to provide redundant, 12-bit resolution over 360 degrees. This redundancy, part of the BIST feature, means the device can continue to function reliably until a number of faults has been accumulated.
  • Graphical dot-matrix display allows 180-degree rotation of text, diagnostic graphs and supports 10 languages.
  • Optional Bluetooth® wireless connectivity with a range up to 10 meters. When used with Limitorque Dashboard™ Windows®-based software, diagnostic information is easily transferred to a PDA, laptop computer or mobile phone.
  • Network communications such as Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus H1, DeviceNet, and Profibus DP V1 and Profibus PA offer the user bit strobe I/O messaging and a host of other benefits. A Device Type Manager (DTM) is also available for Profibus.
  • Available in five distinct sizes from 136Nm to an industry leading 2040 Nm.
  • Includes innovative handwheel parallel to the LCD screen to permit ease of manual setup and operation and the ability to be installed in areas with limited space.

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