Group 57 Rotary Electric Actuator

Manufacturer: Beck

Group: Electric Actuator

Beck electric actuators are the ideal solution for industrial valve control. They provide excellent control (positioning accurately to 0.1 degree) and solve the problems inherent to all other actuator technologies including traditional electric actuators, pneumatic actuators and hydraulic actuators. Beck actuators require virtually no maintenance and they position consistently over time and regardless of load. They require a minimum of power to operate and there are no duty limitations to worry about because Beck actuators will not overheat or burn-out. All Beck actuators are capable of continuous duty with no modulation or run time limitations, operating 24/7 regardless of service. If you need an actuator to modulate, or simply open and close a valve, a Beck actuator will perform year-after-year.

The new Group 57 rotary valve actuator is no exception. It maintains all the Beck advantages, but goes even further. The Group 57 adds features and capabilities designed to meet the requirements found in many remote and hazardous locations like wellhead and pipeline valves in the oil and gas industry.

New features and advantages include:

• The ability to run on 12–48 VDC power, making them ideal for use with solar panel operation.
• Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D hazardous location ratings.
• Built-in electric fail-safe capability with optional, internal ultra-capacitor backup power.
• Fast stroking speeds (9 seconds for 90⁰) for applications with fast open or close requirements.
• Simple and flexible valve mounting options including compliance with the ISO 5211 Part-turn Actuator Mounting Standard or custom hardware to fit virtually any valve.
• Space efficient packaging making it easier to fit on valves in any orientation.

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