ARIS Electric Rotary and Part-Turn Actuators

Manufacturer: ARIS

Group: Electric Actuator


Electro-mechanical part-turn actuator

The compact actuator, classic technology, robust, reliable for cost-sensitive applications up to 60 Nm

The actuator drive series Nano has been designed for industrial use. A robust aluminum housing combined with the impact resistant plastic cover reliably protects the drive technology even in harsh environments. Weight savings through the use of a plastic hood in combination with the compact design allow you to use them even on small actuators / fittings. The consistently cost-optimized design in combination with a high quality allows the use in cost-sensitive systems without compromising reliability.

Of course, the Nano is available in all standard voltages (230 V, 115 V, 24 V AC, or 12 V DC).



Electro-mechanical part-turn actuator

The flexible allrounder, completely metal encapsuled with a wide accessory range and classic technology up to 500 Nm

The Nano+ offers classic drive technology in a modern design. The classic drive system, consisting of a motor-gearbox combination and a switch-off system consisting of switching cams and microswitches, is still valid today. For this reason, the Nano+ series was completely redesigned on the basis of the Nano in 2014, since classical drive technology is not necessarily equivalent to “old technology”. All conceivable options have been taken into account in the new design and have been designed in such a way that they are always firmly in place and offer optimum operational safety thanks to an optimal covering of all voltage-carrying parts.

A height-adjustable and powder-coated aluminum hood in combination with the powder-coated basic housing also ensure a worry-free use even in the harshest industrial environment. In addition, fixable cams ensure a safe switch-off in the set position even in the case of strong vibrations. The height-adjustable metal hood allows a multitude of additional options ranging from multiturn applications to fast response times with high torque and fail-safe function for the DC variant.

Test institutes confirmed the suitability for the electronic circuit according to DIN EN 12067–2 and/or in potentially explosive areas of Zone 2 or 22. The allrounder Nano+ is available in voltages of 230 V, 115 V, 24 V AC or 24 V DC and offers an almost unrestricted application in all industrial applications.



Fully electronic rotary drive

The precision drive with wide range power supply, wear-free absolute position detection and high control accuracy. Your entry to Industry 4.0

With the series Tensor ARIS offers an innovative generation of electronically controlled actuators. The Tensor is based on a low-backlash precision gear in combination with a brushless DC motor. The Tensor´s complete mechanical shut-off system has been replaced by a wear-free, non-contact position detection, which is based on the Hall effect. This sensor technology was developed many years ago for use in the automotive industry and has proved extremely robust, wide temperature range and high reliability.

Previously, with the classic actuators the user had to hold many actuators with different shutdown systems for different adjustment paths. Now the electronic system comfortably covers all control options with a single version. With the non-contact position sensing system it is practically wear-free and guarantees constant precision. Problems and long-term drift effects caused by switching hysteresis at potentiometers and switch point hysteresis at micro switches, are also a thing of the past. In total, the result for the user is a noticeably higher control accuracy for the entire drive, which also remains practically constant over the drive´s lifetime.

In addition to precise control, the electronic positioning system provides a significantly simpler and faster start-up by programming using buttons. A permanent torque monitoring protects actuator and valve reliably against overloading.

BLDC motors have Hall sensors according to their poles, with which the electronic controls the phase currents of the motor and realizes the electronic commutation. In addition, the motor management system monitors the line current itself. Malfunctions as a movement in the wrong direction, the wrong speed or overload condition are detected immediately and lead to shutdown of the drive. Since the motor is driven over a defined signal sequence, an undesired or even uncontrolled movement is excluded here.

The possibility of speed control combines the functions of multiple drives in a single device, thus reducing the investment costs. The multi-voltage power supply in connection with the adjustment range of a few degrees up to several revolutions significantly reduce the stock list and storage costs. The permanent control of the drive system, increases the operational reliability of the plant.


CL – Classic Line

Electro-mechanical part-turn actuator

The robust all rounder in classic edition up to 300 Nm

The CL series offers classic drive technology with motor/gear combination and cam mechanism in a classic design. Three series up to 300 Nm in combination with various actuating times open up a wide range of applications for a wide variety of industrial tasks. Of course, the CL series offers not only a robust metal housing, but also all commercially available options, from the additional limit switch to the positioner with load cut-off. Three cable entries M20 x 1.5 allow easy wiring even in the case of high-cross-section leads. The CL series is also available in voltages of 230 V, 115 V, 24 V AC or 24 V DC.


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