Limitorque MX Intelligent Series Electric Actuator

Limitorque,MX,Multi Turn,Electric Actuator,Electric,Actuator,ACROTORQManufacturer: LIMITORQUE

Group: Electric Actuator

The Limitorque MX electric actuator can be used for on/off, position and modulating control with a wide range of control options mostly select able through the simple yes/no menu from the Hall Effect switches on the actuator cover.

State of the art intelligent valve control offering Limitorque’s electric actuator reliability along with the simplicity of non intrusive set up. No remote controls to loose. Limitorque MX electric actuator use absolute encoders for position sensing and require no battery back up to maintain position settings through loss of power and operating manually.

General Features

  • Non intrusive set up via local control switches on the electric actuator
  • Simple yes/no menu command for set up, no symbols to remember
  • Absolute encoder for position sensing – no battery back up
  • Double seal design meaning control components are separated from termination chamber, never exposing them to environmental conditions.
  • Adjustable torque settings
  • Wide selection of monitoring, control and logic functions all selectable through the actuator control switches and menu
  • Options include position feed back or modulating process control up to 1200 starts per hour with solid state reversers
  • Digital network communications with a variety of protocols including Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus
PDF Downloads

Limitorque MX_Full Brochure (1.5Mb)

Limitorque MX_Installation Operation & Maintenance Manual (5.5Mb) 


Video Links:

Limitorque MX – Limit Switch Setup

Limitorque MX – Valve Setup & Torque Setup

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