PS Automation Accessories

ps automation, linear and rotary actuator, electric, Acrodyne, PS automation accessoriesManufacturer: PS Automation
A multitude of accessories and functions are available to extend the PS- AMS actuators range of application. The individual products are listed below:

Local control, psc.2, lockable, electric, actuator, linear and rotary, PS automation accessoriesLocal control PSC.2

The optionally available lockable local control box PSC.2 allows onsite operation and can also be used to set most of the actuator specific values. The display of actual position, messages and parameters of the actuator is in full text

ps automation, electric, Acrodyne, diagram, integrated process controller, PSIC, PS automation accessoriesIntegrated process controller PSIC
The integrated process controller PSIC,available as optional accessory, reads the signal of a process sensor as actual value of the process and then positions the actuator according to either a modulating process set value, or a programmed fixed value. The concept of PS-AMS using an electric motor with 24 VDC supply voltage facilitates a simple power supply to the actuator via photovoltaic cells, allowing to install a full control loop at remote locations independently of supply and signal lines which may be difficult to lay.

Fieldbus, Bluetooth, interfaces, Acrodyne, wireless paramatisation, electric, actuator, PS automation accessoriesFieldbus /Bluetooth interfaces
The main board is prepared for the optional installation of modules for all common field bus interfaces or Bluetooth protocol, which enables wireless parameterization and read-out of diagnostics of the actuator at distances of up to 10 m.

Fail safe unit, PSEP, electric, actuator, Acrodyne, controlled charger, PS automation accessoriesFail-safe unit PSEP
The fail-safe device PSEP is based on an accumulator with controlled charger, so that a safety position in case of loss of power supply can be freely defined without any mechanical alterations to the actuator.


Communication software, PSCS, data cable, electric, actuator, valve specific, Acrodyne, PS automation accessoriesCommunication Software PSCS including Data cable
Via our communication software PSCS it is possible to adjust valve-specific details, actuation thrust/torque and speed, to configure alerts, and to do a freely programmable valve curve correction.


Accessories for Standard-Actuators
The modular design with the central main frame in all types of PS actuators allows retro-fitting of options in next to no time.
The following types of accessories are available for the actuator series PSL, PSQ and PSR for retro-fitting:

  • Additional limit switches 2WE (and, for PSQ from 100 Nm on), additional torque switches 2DE)
  • Single or double potentiometers PD 210 and PD2 210
  • Heating resistor HR
  • Electronic positioner PSAP
  • Electronic position transmitter PSPT
  • Local controller PSC

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Installation Manual Communication Software (540kb)


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