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As a leading manufacturer of electronic industrial products, Peaktronics provides a host of products that is revolutionizing the way actuators are controlled. Whether the application calls for AC electric, DC electric, or Pneumatic, a wide range of controls and accessories are available to meet the need. Let your imagination be your guide, and join the Peaktronics Revolution.

AC Electric Actuator Products

  • Digital High Resolution Controllers (AC digital servo)
  • AC Motor Controllers (AC analog servo)
  • Log Rate Controllers (AC analog servo)
  • On/Off Controllers

DC Electric Actuator Products

  • DC Positioning Controllers (DC analog servo)
  • Relay Current Trip Modules (On/Off controllers)

PDF Downloads

AC Motor Interface (94kb)

AC Positioning Calibrator (20kb)

AC Motor Controller 2A (64kb)

AC Motor Controllers (91kb)

24VDC Power Supply (22kb)

AC to DC Motor Converter Module (36kb)

Solenoid Valve Controller (82kb)

Digital High Resolution Controller (64kb)

DC Motor Controllers (93kb)

DC Motor Controller 5A (62kb)

Current Loop Indicator (27kb)

Current Loop Calibrator (12kb)

Log Rate Controller (65kb)

Pneumatic Power Loop Module (76kb)

Feedback Potentiometer Transmitter (25kb)

Command Potentiometer Transmitter (20kb

Repeat Cycle Timer (46kb)


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