Valve Chainwheels

ACROGEARS, Chain Wheel, Gearbox, Handwheel Manual, Acrodyne, actuatorManufacturer: Trumbull Manufacturing

Ductile Iron Chainwheels allow operation of valves in high, hard-to reach locations by means of a slight pull on the sprocket chain. Universal design allows Chainwheel to be clamped to handwheel, or pinned directly to valve stem.

All Chainwheels are furnished with plated steel attachment hardware for clamping to handwheel. When Chainwheel is to be pinned to valve stem, a ductile iron bushing will be provided which can be machined to suit valve stem dimensions. Bushing and Chainwheel will be pre-drilled with pin hole, and supplied with a stainless steel pin for customer mounting to valve stem. Drilling of valve stem by customer.

Type 316 Stainless Steel

Pocket Type for TRUMBULL 316L welded machine chain

Designed for corrosive environments, Trumbull Stainless Steel Chainwheels are Type 316 investment steel castings. Ideal in chemical processing, outdoor installations, or salt water environments. All Chainwheels are furnished with attachment hardware for clamping to handwheel. See top of page G-22 for illustrations of clamping methods. Pocket style chainwheels use smooth, welded link (proof coil) chain. See pages G-19 and G-20 for separate literature on Trumbull’s ductile iron sprocket chainwheels using single loop chain, and bottom of page G-22 for comparison of both types.

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ACROGEARS Trumbull Chainwheel Specifications (933kb)

ACROGEARS Secondary Safety Restraint System (745kb)

ACROGEARS valve chainwheels (277kb)


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