SD10 Valve Overtorque Protectors

Manufacturer: Aunspach Controls

Operating torque is applied through a handwheel or other means and transmitted through the Model SD10’s shaft to the detent plate, drive balls, body, and then to the driven equipment. If excessive torque is applied, the drive balls will rise out of the detents against the force of the springs and disengage the drive. Re-engagement at the pre-set trip torque is automatic, with further rotation in either direction.


The purpose of the Model SD10 Overtorque Protector is to prevent valve, actuator and/or other equipment damage by limiting the amount of operating torque that can be applied.


Buried or non-buried valve service. Compact construction for confined space.

Trip Torque Range

Standard Model SD10 trip torque range is
10 Nm (7 lbft) to 275 Nm (204 lbft).
Higher capacity models are available.


Model SD10 units are shipped fully calibrated to user specifications.


Model SD10 units are shipped fully calibrated and ready to mount.

For handwheel applications: Remove handwheel. Mount SD10 in its place. Mount handwheel on
SD10. For shaft-to-shaft applications: Mount SD10 on either shaft, then connect to other shaft.

Model SD10 can be driven from either end. Tighten (two) mounting screws to secure the SD10 to the equipment’s shaft or end-connection.


No maintenance is required.

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ACROGEARS SD10 (830kb)
ACROGEARS Aunspach V1.1 (1Mb)

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