D87 Valve Overtorque Protectors

acrogearsManufacturer: Aunspach

Model D87 Valve Overtorque Protectors TM protect water distribution and other valves from damage caused by excess operating torque. The high costs of excavation, valve repair or replacement, system downtime and traffic disruption are eliminated.


Valves and other equipment driven by manual gearboxes or electric actuators.


Operating torque is applied to either end of the D87. The torque is transmitted through the D87 mechanism and into the valve or actuator. If excessive torque is applied, the D87 drive will disengage and prevent damage. Operation is the same in either direction of rotation. Re-engagement is automatic with further rotation in either direction.

Standard Models

Model D87-250

Operating Environment

Trip Torque:
D87-250 – 100 Nm to 340 Nm
D87-500 – 135 Nm to 680 Nm
*Higher and lower torque capacity models are available.

Operating temperature: -20 º F to 200º F.

*Higher and lower temperature models are available.
*Suitable for buried and submerged service.


The unit is mounted directly on the valve, actuator or gearbox input shaft – either between the actuator and hand wheel, or between the actuator and valve. No special tools or valve/actuator modifications are required.


The mechanism is permanently lubricated and hermetically sealed inside a rugged steel housing.

The D87 features stainless-steel fasteners and is corrosion protected by fusion-bonded epoxy, with industrial enamel topcoat for ultraviolet protection.


  • No maintenance is required.

Special Designs

Special designs and modifications are available at Acrodyne upon request.

PDF Download

ACROGEARS D87-250-500 (946kb)
ACROGEARS_Aunspach V1.1 (1Mb)


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