ACRO Wrench

The ACRO Wrench is a portable valve actuator that runs on pneumatic air (4-7 bar). The pneumatic tool is certified and safe to use in any industrial area. As it could take up to 1 or 2 hours to open or close very large valves, using the ACRO Wrench it saves valuable time and takes no effort to use. By using the ACRO Wrench portable pneumatic actuator, valves can be operated much faster than turning by hand. The ACRO Wrench can be used in any possible environment, on any multiturn valve.

In addition, the ACRO Wrench is:
• Easy and safe to handle and allows for a controlled build-up of torque and speed
• Pneumatic air driven and easy to connect to your plant network or stand-alone compressor
• Ready for use on valves with rising spindles
• A cost saving alternative for using multiple actuators, as only one single tool is needed for opening a wide range of valves
• Using the ACRO Wrench saves time and money. Even large valves can be operated in less than 10 minutes
• The ACRO Wrench is an operator friendly tool. It helps to avoid strained backs, sore muscles and user fatigue
• The ACRO Wrench allows for faster valve operation in production processes

The ACRO Wrench is a portable valve actuator that can be used in virtually any industrial environment. To increase its portability even more, it can also be connected to a portable compressor for use in remote and urban areas. Many companies in petro-chemical, oil & gas, water and energy industries are already enjoying the benefits of using this flexible tool.

Drive Plates
The Security locker function gives the operator a better HSE control when operating the ACRO Wrench connected to the Drive Plate and gives better stability when operating valves in difficult areas.


Protection Box
The Protection Box is equipped with lubricator & reduction valve, and is easy to mount in between two air hoses before the air is entering the tool. The box is also able to reduce the out-pressure to the tool and therefore also the torque.


Storage Box
The Storage Box is designed to store the ACRO Wrench. The Box also contains a 20m air hose on a reel, filter lubricator and reduction valve.


Save up to 80% of valve operating time

With the ACRO Wrench you quickly open and close any type of multi-turn manual valve. Even valves that require a high number of rotations or need high operating torque are operated in just minutes.

Prevent operator injuries

The ACRO Wrench improves operator convenience and helps to avoid strained backs, sore muscles and user fatigue. It avoids exhausting operation of high torque or high rotation valves.

Save actuator CAPEX

With one ACRO Wrench you operate many valves. This makes the ACRO Wrench a cost saving alternative for using multiple stand-alone actuators.

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