Manual opening and closing of valves, penstocks and sluice gates equipped with a hand bevel gearbox can be very difficult to perform, often involving two (or more) persons, and requiring several hours of physical work. Acrodyne’s Portable Valve Actuators APB/APS are the ultimate devices to simplify and speed-up all these interventions, allowing one single operator to quickly (and easily) intervene on several manual gearbox reducers – and in total safety. The APB/APS Portable Actuators are totally self-contained: powered by Li-Ion batteries or Honda GX 4T engines, they don’t require electrical power. The usage of the APB/APS is completely safe for the operator (because of the anti-rotation mechanism that avoid injuries) and doesn’t require any physical effort. With a torque range of up to 147Nm, the APB/APS tools also allow to quickly perform the emergency valve operation during an emergency for most common AUMA/BIFFI/DREHMO/Rotork/Limitorque electric actuators, allowing to quickly solve critical situations caused by power blackouts.

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