Accurate, Compact and efficient control actuator – Oden P30EX

Acrodyne proudly introduces the most accurate, compact & highly efficient IECEx certified Oden Electric Actuators.

Oden P30EX is a new regulating electric actuator, certified by DNV in Norway and made specifically for the most demanding environment in Offshore, Shipping and Petrochemical Industries.

The Oden P30EX comes with a 24V DC motor and has no electromechanical components such as limit switches or potentiometers. Digital as well as analogue (4 – 20 mA) control is possible.

All parameter values such as torque, speed, acceleration and working range are permanently saved in the built-in microprocessor electronics, but can easily be modified with Oden software and a PC. The simple design creates a compact, lightweight (3 – 5 kilos) actuator with high control accuracy and low maintenance thanks to the patented Oden Gear Systems™. The actuator is available as a turning actuator with max torque 30 Nm or as a linear actuator with a maximum force of 15 kN.

Innovation for Coal Seam Gas Production Application

CS GAS, an ISO9001 and AS/NZS4801 certified company, services the coal seam gas and coal mine sectors and specialises in well automation and control systems.

CS GAS has incorporated the ODEN P30EX in their gas well control & monitoring skid, this application requires low voltage and highly accurate modulating control for making remote adjustments to their Pressure Control Regulator and this is achieved using the ODEN P30EX Module

Acrodyne is accredited to AS3800 (Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmosphere – Repair and Overhaul), this enables our team to Service & Repair IECEx approved products.

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