New BECK G-75 High Temp Modulating Control Actuator

Beck’s new compact rotary actuator is an all new design that combines the performance, reliability and control advantages of Beck actuators with an extremely efficient and flexible form factor. Not only is the design smaller and lighter but it also incorporates new technologies allowing a high temperature configuration (250 deg F / 120 deg C) that exceeds Beck’s already robust 185 deg F / 85 deg C rating. The new design makes it easier to install in space restricted, and/or exceptionally hot environments typical of boiler windbox damper applications. It is also well suited to small rotary valve applications in tight spaces.

The new actuator shares electronics and firmware with existing Beck products. This interchangeability of electronics keeps critical spare parts common with existing Beck actuators. It also means that all the latest Beck configuration, setup and diagnostic features are available as well. These features include:

  • Fast, easy setup and calibration without mechanical adjustments.
  • Simplified troubleshooting with comprehensive diagnostics available.
  • Compatibility with asset management systems.
  • HART, Foundation Filedbus and Profibus PA interfaces available.
  • Drive diagnostics and operating statistics via HART or serial interface.
  • Local pushbutton/LED interface for quick setup and error checking without the need for external interfaces or devices.
  • Drive configuration and calibration are restorable to as-built factory setting.
  • Configurable drive stall protection

The new space efficient design not only makes mounting in space limited applications easy, the design also adds mounting flexibility. Every actuator body includes multiple mounting points to handle almost every type of mounting and connection, direct coupled or linkage connected.

  • Mounts in any orientation without orientation restrictions.
  • Removable mounting feet can be attached in two planes – horizontal or vertical.
  • Actuator face machined for direct coupling to shaft and easy retrofit of existing Beck Group 11 or Group 31 actuators.
  • The integral electronics compartment can be easily removed and remotely mounted if desired.

For full product detail and specifications conact David Mohorovicic at Acrodyne.

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