Modulating Control Actuators for ID and FD Fans

Beck rotary damper drives and damper actuators are utilized on a multitude of damper applications to improve process control. Common applications include louvers, butterflies, and radial inlet vanes on ID fans, FD fans, primary air, windboxes, overfire air, coal mills, and many other control dampers.

Poor damper and valve performance is a leading source of combustion control problems, often limiting ramp rate, contributing to boiler emission problems, or impacting heat rate.

Beck reasons for improved control:

  • respond to a modulating controller demand signal instantaneously, regardless of changing loads and conditions
  • track the controller demand signal closely under closed loop conditions, with  resolution unmatched by pneumatics and conventional electric actuators, ensuring tight stable process control
  • Beck drives provide consistent control over time with virtually no maintenance requirments

Beck’s unique motor design makes the precise, reliable performance of the actuators possible. This no burnout motor ensures that the actuator is available 100% of the time. There are no duty cycle limitations typical of most electric actuators, so the actuator performs as the loop requires rather than the loop performing as the actuator permits.

  • Reaches full speed and torque in milliseconds and stops in milliseconds, eliminating dead time.
  • Provides extremely accurate and repeatable positioning for modulating applications.
  • Will not coast or overshoot the desired position.
  • Draws low current (0.16 A to 3.0 A). The low power consumption permits easy use with uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Uses double-lipped, grease-sealed bearings for maintenance-free operation.
  • And . . .Never overheats or burns-out; even under demanding modulating control or stalled conditions

Within Australia Acrodyne can provide full support in Beck actuator set up and commissioning including utilising the unique Link Assist Program. The Link Assist Program provides Acrodyne Engineers the ability to design an optimal linkage configuration based on your application specific constraints

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