Case Study – DBNGP Critical Compressor Station Upgrade

Site Overview:
The Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) is the longest natural gas pipeline in Australia. It is 26” in diameter, which also makes it one of Australia’s largest in terms of transmission capacity. The pipeline runs from a point near Withnell Bay, on the Burrup Peninsula near Dampier, to Bunbury in the South-West of the State.


Sector: Petrochem

Category: Natural Gas Distribution

Products: Limitorque LPS Pneumatic Actuator

The Project
Compressor Station 1 (CS01)
DBNGP_LPSAcrodyne was requested to provide a suitable solution to automate an existing manually operated bypass valve at this critical facility. CS01 is a critical pumping station facility, just South of Karratha being the first site after the upstream gas producers Woodside, Apache and Chevron. It is the first of ten compressor stations along the pipeline to Perth. The Compressor Station 01 compresses the gas up to 8450 Kpa to maintain flow through the pipeline.

The project required the bypass manually operated valve to be automated and be capable of being remotely controlled. The actuation was required to meet all relevant approval standards. The project also took the opportunity to relocate the actuated valve assembly and improve control of gas flow from upstream suppliers.  By doing this they have also been able to better manage gas directional flow downstream.

The Solution
Acrodyne supplied DBNGP with the Limitorque LPS Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator and the ACROMATIC SLR type switchbox. With an operational design life of 25 years and a maintenance interval up to six years, the Limitorque LPS Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator is setting new standards for heavy-duty pneumatic actuators and resetting industry expectations.
The Limitorque LPS runs off the natural gas in the pipeline. Also installed was a pressure reduction panel (filtration, pressure regulation and solenoids) to reduce the line pressure to the desired working pressure of the actuator. It can be controlled remotely from the control room in Perth, by PLC logic, by a local control panel on site or by hand.

Main features of the LPS

  • True modular design available from our Melbourne warehouse
  • Suitable for use in on/off, modulating and control valve applications in general service
  • Suitable for use in safety integrated systems up to and including SIL Level 3
  • Full range of accessories, switchboxes, positioners, ESD, PST and line-break functionality, custom control panels, fire protection, manual and hydraulic overrides

The Result

DBNGP_LPS_SLRThe pipeline has many Limitorque MLV’s (mainline valves) approximately every 30 kms that have given DBNGP no issues, the choice to use a Limitorque LPS Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator was a simple one.

Acrodyne and WA Instrumentation not only supply world class equipment but also provide scheduled maintenance and support to all the Limitorque actuation.

Acrodyne and WA Instrumentation are equipped to supply, support and maintain critical instrumentation equipment throughout WA.  Our highly trained and experienced Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians are EEHA qualified and undertake installation and commissioning projects across the State for a number of critical projects.

Products and services used

  • Limitorque LPS Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator
  • ACROMATIC SLR Type Switchbox
  • Acrodyne Sales and Service
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