Case Study – Victorian Town Takes Action During Drought

The Project:
With an existing holding tank which held water from various suppliers, the local water authority decided to build a brand new purification plant. This was a new project that would enable the filtration and purification of local bore water via a Micro Media Filter system as a supplement to the town’s water supply. Surface waters are prone to seasonal and annual changes in the concentration of the suspended matter. This is a concern for conventional media filters since breakthrough of solids will typically occur if the solids holding capacity is exceeded. There will not be any solids breakthrough if the solids holding capacity of the media in the Micro Media Filter is exceeded due an increase in the feed suspended solids concentration. The pressure drop across the filter will merely increase to the per-determined value that automatically initiates the backwash sequence. This operational feature ensures there will not be any contamination of downstream storage volumes or treatment equipment.

Sector: Water and Waste Water

Category: Purification Plant

Products: ACROTORQ Electric Actuators

Site Overview
Wangaratta is located in the northeast of Victoria, Australia, approximately 250 km from Melbourne along the Hume Highway. With the drought taking its toll throughout Australia, the town took the initiative and looked at the option of purifying its bore water. The brand new purification plant was built and it now supplements the town water supply.


The Solution

Acrodyne were commissioned to supply 23 x ACROTORQ electric actuators ranging from a NA009 (90Nm) to NA050 (500Nm) with options including a proportional control unit (PCU) and 24 VDC controls. The ACROTORQ electric actuators were mounted to various no return spring check valves, that were chosen to prevent back flow.

The actuators were fitted and tested to the valves at our workshop in Melbourne and shipped directly to site. This not only saves the end user time and money but to have the benefit of simply dropping the units into the line.

A packaged solution provided by Acrodyne can be cost effective and limit onsite installation issues.

The Result
The customer was extremely pleased as the speed of the project from procurement to supply was well within the agreed time frame. Also the original request was for a pneumatic solution but with consultation with Acrodyne’s experienced application engineers, it was considered that an all electric option would be far more cost effective.

Products and Services Used

  • ACROTORQ Electric Actuators
  • Supply, Fitted And Tested Actuators and Valves
  • Acrodyne’s Sales and Service

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