Case Study – Remote Transmission to Reduce Risk


Sector: Water

Category: Water Treatment

Products: Siemens Level Transmitter

Site Overview

Project was at a major supplier of water treatment chemicals and equipment for both recreational and industrial purposes located in Perth, Western Australia.

The Project

Acrodyne was contacted to supply and install a remote tank level indicator for the end user’s chemical storage tanks.

The install would reduce a major OH&S risk that would eliminate the need for their staff and contracted truck drivers to enter the hazardous area chemical bunds to view the tank levels via the sight glasses as had been the process up until now.

The Solution

Acrodyne trading as WA Instrumentation supplied 3x Sitrans LR120 radar level transmitters installed on the tanks and 3x remote displays that were mounted at the tanks fill point to ensure operators knew the exact tank level when emptying their trucks, preventing any accidental overfill resulting in an incident.

One of the key advantages of Sitrans LR120 utilised on this project are they can penetrate plastic/poly tanks and still measure accurately, thus eliminating the need to cut a hole in the tank. Cutting a hole in the tank can cause plastic shavings and debris to contaminate the product. In this case the products stored in these tanks were Hydrochloric acid and sodium Hypo-chloride (both have corrosive fumes), definitely another great reason to avoid cutting holes in tanks.  These Siemens transmitters can also be setup using Bluetooth functionality which means the application can be commissioned safely from the ground.

The only thing that can cause interference with this setup is if water settles on the plastic surface between the LR120 and the liquid to be measured.

To eliminate this, we sealed the LR120 to the surface of the tank using the submersion shield.

The Result

The process application now allows the end user to remotely measure these hazardous chemicals and have the peace of mind that they are protecting the OH&S of its employees and contractors.

Products and Services Used

  • Siemens Sitrans LR120 Radar Level Transmitters
  • Acrodyne’s Sales and Service

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