Case Study – Profibus Network Upgrade

Site Overview:
A Wastewater Treatment Plant located south of Sydney uses around 50 million litres of very highly treated wastewater in its industrial processes each year. The plant is a secondary treatment plant discharging treated wastewater to the ocean via a shoreline outfall at the headland. The secondary treatment includes denitrification and disinfection to remove nearly all biodegradable organic material and nutrients before being discharged into the ocean.


Sector: Water

Category: Waste Water Treatment

Products: Limitorque Electric Actuators

The Project

The end user required Acrodyne to provide a solution to the control of the main inlet valves. Originally in order to change the channel direction of the main waste water flow the operator was required to manually fit stop boards. This was a laborious process that also had OH&S implications.

The solution provided had to operate on newly fitted gate valves and also be able to fully communicate remotely on their Profibus network. The plant upgraded the network management software in line with the new process improvement. The system also required the actuators to be tamper-proof so that maintenance crews or any unauthorised personnel could not inadvertently change the process settings of the actuator.

The Solution
Acrodyne’s solution supplied the end user with 7 locally built Limitorque MX-05 electric actuators that had the following features:

  • Compatible Profibus communication
  • Fail safe function (lock out control panel)
  • Plug and play

Due to Acrodyne’s ongoing partnership with Siemens, the Limitorque Quick Response Centre (QRC) acquired the Siemens’ SIMATIC PDM interface and software package. This enabled Acrodyne to build the actuators locally, test network communications and set up channel configurations.

Once on site the actuators were easily installed and fully compatible with the plant’s profibus network.

The Result

The end user expressed their total satisfaction in the execution of the contract. The installation and the ease of use of the actuators has enabled an automated system and improved process.

Products and services used

  • Limitorque MX-05 Electric Actuators
  • Profibus Network Cards
  • Control Panel Fail Safe
  • Acrodyne Sales and Service
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