Case Study – OH&S Aqueduct Upgrade

Site Overview:
The customer is a Victorian Water statutory authority that controls much of the water system across Melbourne including the reservoirs, and the sewerage and drainage system that services the city. This reservoir pumps water from the Yarra River and is important in meeting peak summer demand in the northern parts of Melbourne.


Sector: Water & Waste Water

Category: Waste Water Treatment

Products: ACROGEARS PS100N Portable Actuator

The Project

A valve on the aqueduct connecting the reservoir required actuation due to the safety concerns for
the operator. Previously operators were required to walk down a steep hill with a torque leader
actuator and a generator that is used as a mains power supply. The valves location also presented
issues as it was located in a confined space and every time the valve needed to be operated, a
permit was required. The other option was to use a hand crank, but this is a laborious task and can
have occupational health and safety implications.

The Solution

Acrodyne’s solution was to supply an ACROGEARS APS100N portable petrol powered actuator fitted to a mitre gearbox which can be carried to each location and attached to the permanent pedestal stands that have been installed above the valve. Also fitted to the valve stem extension is an ACROGEARS overtorque protector, stainless steel housing and a visual indicator. The actuator drives the valve to turn it to the required position and there is no longer a need to enter the pit at all. A battery powered version of the actuator is also available.

The Result

The use of the ACROGEARS APS100N portable petrol powered actuator eliminates the need for the operators to obtain confined area permits and more importantly the new equipment reduces operator fatigue and manual handing issues such as sprains and strains.

The introduction of the portable actuator will also reduce costs, removing the need for permits and heavy equipment in unsafe conditions. One person can now complete this job safely and efficiently.

Products and services used

  • ACROGEARS Portable Actuator
  • ACROGEARS Mitre Gearbox
  • ACROGEARS Overtorque Protector
  • Acrodyne Sales and Service
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