Case Study – Fuel Terminal Upgrade

Site Overview:
The customer is one of the world’s largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemical products for everyday items.


Sector: Petrochem

Category: Fuel Distribution

Products: Limitorque Electric Actuators

The Project
A leading petrochemical company required actuation of two critical isolation gate valves at their fuel transfer stations at two of their facilities. The solution was required to have SIL Certification 1 and operate to a specific cycle to prevent backflow of hydrocarbons into the pumphouse, that may cause an explosion leading to possible injury and asset damage. The actuator was needed to close fast to 93% close and slow for the remaining 7% with pulsing time capability of 0.5% steps in 0.5 sec increments.


The Solution

After a presentation and demonstration of the equipment by Acrodyne, the customer was satisfied that the solution offered by Acrodyne could meet stringent application requirements that competitors were unable to achieve.

Specification: SIL certified, ESD / Partial stroke feature, 2-speed timer with closing sequence to avoid back wave to the pumps. Valves to be closed normally up-to to 93% and inched for balance 7% using the 2-speed timer in 6 to 8 steps. The inspection was carried out by the Project Manager, Contractor and by the Automation Engineer. Tests for calibration, configuration, cycle tests and closing sequence were carried and equipment cleared for despatch by the customer.

During the factory acceptance testing at our works by the customer, we were informed that the Limitorque actuator was chosen for the following advantages over the competition.

  • 2-speed timer covered by SIL certification with pulsing time capability of 0.5% steps in 0.5 sec increments.
  • Status contacts covered by SIL certification.
  • Torque control ensured when SIL option takes over control to carry out an ESD to a pre-determined end of travel.
  • Limitorque ‘probability of failure’(PFD) less than the competition especially when ‘partial stroke testing’(PST) is invoked

The Result
The customer expressed their total satisfaction in the execution of the contract and informed us that this was the first order for SIL actuators to be purchased by the company on a global basis.

Products and Services Used

  • SIL Rated Limitorque MX-10 and MX-20 Electric Actuators ACROGEARS Gearboxes
  • MRC Gate Valves
  • Acrodyne Sales and Service

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