Case Study – Bottling Process Upgrade


Sector: Food and Beverage

Category: Process Transfer

Products: ACROTORQ SA005 and Siemens Flowmeter and Transmitter

Site Overview

A customer’s bottling facility that is based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne produces Kombucha, a fermented tea that is delivered by trucks from an offsite production facility and stored in large tanks. 

The Kombucha is then pumped through a 400M flexible hose from these large storage tanks to a holding tanks adjacent to the bottling process.

The Project

Acrodyne was requested to provide a complete custom automated solution for pumping the Kombucha from the storage tanks to the holding tanks. 

The facilities previous process required two operators, one to operate a valve where the hose terminated at the holding tank, while the other needed to operate the pump located adjacent to the storage tanks. The quantity delivered was controlled by visual inspection of the level in the holding tank.

This process occupied the two operators for the 6 hour duration of the transfer process, which resulted in lost productivity time and relied on human judgement for accuracy. 

In accepting Acrodyne’s proposed solution, only a single operator is required to start the automated process whilst a preselected quantity is delivered to the holding tank. The operator is then free to continue on with other duties during the process.

The Solution

Acrodyne designed, installed and commissioned the project, including programming the PLC and supplying the complete actuator valve assembly. The pump and a 400M control cable were supplied by the customer who attached the cable to the 400M hose. A control box, supplied by Acrodyne, was attached to the pump to integrate it into the new system. The cable was used to connect the Siemens LOGO! 24 logic module (PLC) to the control box. 

The flow transmitter and PLC were mounted within a stainless-steel enclosure. A Siemens LOGO text display, mounted on the door of the enclosure, displays the quantity delivered and allows the operator to adjust the batch quantity. Initiating the batch process, meaning opening the valve and turning on the pump, is achieved with the push of a button mounted on the exterior of the enclosure. Other adjacent buttons allow the operator to stop and start the process midway and operate the actuator independent of the pump for maintenance purposes. 

A hygienic MAG 1100 flowmeter with tri-clove connections was connected via a MAG 6000 flow transmitter to the PLC. The transmitter emits a pulse each time a prescribed volume passes through the flowmeter. Once a prescribed number of pulses are received by the PLC, equivalent to the prescribed batch quantity, a signal is sent to the ACROTORQ SA005 electric actuator to close a Pentair F250 hygienic ball valve and to the control box to turn off the pump. 

A pre-programmed system was installed on site by one of Acrodyne’s technician

The Result

The installation of this system has increased accuracy whilst allowing operators to spend their time more productively on other processes within the facility. 

This solution addresses only one of the customer’s holding tanks. As such, there is scope to implement a more advanced system that can deliver individually prescribed quantities to multiple holding tanks.

Products and Services Used

  • ACROTORQ SA005 Electric Actuator
  • Siemens MAG 6000 Flow Transmitter
  • Siemens MAG 1100 Hygienic Flowmeter w/ Tri-clove connections
  • Installation and Commissioning 


Bottling Process Upgrade Case Study (3.5Mb)

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