Case Study – Automated Solution Provides Improved Accuracy

Case Study – Automated Solution Provides Improved Accuracy
Site Overview:
The facility, located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne produces a precursor chemical used in water intensive industries such as the paper and pulp industry. Once produced the chemical product is transported within a flexible bladder and shipped internationally.


Case Study – Automated Solution Provides Improved AccuracyCabinet-Closed Case Study – Automated Solution Provides Improved Accuracy Cabinet-open

The Project

Acrodyne was requested to provide a complete bespoke automated solution that would increase the accuracy of the process that fills their 22,000L flexible bladders with the precursor chemical product. 

The facility’s previous process was controlled by manually operating valves in the delivery pipeline and the batch quantity of precursor chemical was determined via dip sticks and verified using an external weighbridge. Often, multiple trips to the weighbridge were required to achieve the desired batch quantity. 

This manual process caused measurement issues in either overfilling or under filling the bladders. Under filling the bladders allowed them space to move around within the shipping container but importantly in both cases the process increased the risk of the bladder rupturing . 

In accepting Acrodyne’s proposed solution, the risk of the bladders bursting during transportation would be greatly reduced and the use of the weighbridge for measuring the batch would be negated.

The Solution

Acrodyne designed, installed and commissioned the project, including the programming of the PLC, supplying the actuator and complete valve assembly. The flow transmitter and the PLC were mounted into a stainless-steel enclosure and all exterior components are IP67 rated. A Siemens LOGO text display, mounted on the door of the enclosure, displays the quantity delivered that allows the operator to adjust the batch quantity. Push buttons also mounted on the door of the enclosure allow the operator to start the process as well as stop it mid cycle if required to shutoff the process in case of an emergency.

The Siemens MAG 5100 W flowmeter was connected via a MAG 6000 flow transmitter to a Siemens LOGO! 24 logic module (PLC) that monitors the size of the batch delivered. The transmitter emits a pulse each time a prescribed amount passes through the flowmeter. Once a prescribed number of pulses are received, a signal is sent by the LOGO! 24 logic module to the ACROTORQ SA005 electric actuator to close an AVFI ANSI flanged ball valve. 

Acrodyne supplied a pre-programmed system prior to installation and one of our technicians commissioned the project on site.

Case Study – Automated Solution Provides Improved Accuracy-Siemens Case Study – Automated Solution Provides Improved Accuracy-Noah

The Result

The installation of this system has increased the accuracy of the process, reducing the use of the weigh bridge, increased productivity and has allowed the operators to spend their time more productively on other parts of the process.

The end user has reported to Acrodyne that the system continues to operate within specification. 

Products and Services Used

  • PLC Programming
  • Siemens MAG 6000 Flow Transmitter
  • Siemens MAG 5100 W Flowmeter
  • ACROTORQ SA005 Electric Actuator
  • AVFI 50mm ANSI Flanged Ball Valve
  • LOGO! 24 Logic Module
  • Installation and Commissioning 

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