Case Study – Aeration Tank Upgrade

Site Overview

The customer is a Victorian Water statutory authority that controls much of the water system across Melbourne including the reservoirs, and the sewerage and drainage system that services the city. 


The Project

Wastewater aeration is the process of adding air into wastewater to allow aerobic bio-degradation of the pollutant components. It is an integral part of most biological wastewater treatment systems. Acrodyne were contacted to provide a solution to automate and isolate the blower process with an on/off application for 10 of the aeration tanks. The critical component to the project was the speed of operation needed to be around 1 minute and given that the butterfly valves were DN 1000, this was going to be a challenge.

The Solution

To automate and achieve the automation and speed of operation Acrodyne offered 10 x Limitorque Electric MX10 127rpm series actuators mounted to ACROGEAR worm/spur gearboxes on extension spindles with mitre boxes. Each package was coupled to AVFI butterfly valves that were fitted with viton seals to combat the heat transferred from the blowers and help extend the life of the valves.

The package provided produced an open to closed time of 62 seconds that was within the customer’s expectations. Again given the size of the valve and the high ratio of the gearbox, this was an impressive number from the Limitorque actuator.

Complete mounting and testing were all completed in-house in Acrodyne’s Quick Response Centre (QRC).


The Result

Given that the packages were pre tested and commissioned in house the install process was completed without fuss and the end user can now control, gather information and analyse real time data via the site’s SCADA system.

Products and Services Used

  • Limitorque Electric Actuator
  • ACROGEAR Worm and Spur Gearboxes
  • Acrodyne Labour for Installation and Commissioning 
  • Acrodyne Sales and Service 

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