Case Study – Actuated Alligator Valve Upgrade

Site Overview:
A Reservoir located east of Melbourne, has a capacity of 200,000 megalitres. Water from the Reservoir supplies towns in the upper Yarra Valley, and Silvan Reservoir, which transfers water to most parts of Melbourne.


Sector: Water

Category: Water Distribution

Products: Limitorque MX Actuator and ACROGEARS Spur Gearbox

The Project
Acrodyne was requested to provide a suitable solution to automate an existing manually operated Alligator valve. Previously an operator was required to commute to the pump station to manually operate the valve which presented three main problems:

  • OH&S issues for the operator
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • Inability to gauge the amount of water released

The valve was required to be controlled in a remote control room working seamlessly with a flow control device and their existing SCADA system.

The Solution
Acrodyne supplied the end user with the Limitorque MX Actuator coupled to an ACROGEARS Spur gearbox. The Limitorque MX05 was built and setup utilising Acrodyne’s Quick Response Center (QRC) located in Bayswater. Doing this allowed Acrodyne to easily modify the actuator to the end user’s customised specification and mount the spur gearbox and test the package so that it could be delivered and installed without any issues. An Aunspach overtorque protector was also fitted to the handwheel of the actuator so that if the actuator was required to be operated manually, it could limit the input torque of the operator eliminating potential damage to existing assets.

The Result
With the installation of the Limitorque QX now complete, the site is now able to operate this valve via their existing SCADA system from their control room. This installation not only eliminates the need to send operators out to the site but it also reduces the risk of injury to the operator. The package also included an ACROGEARS spur gearbox and Aunspach overtorque protector. The gearbox provides 5 turns to every 1 handwheel turn delivering better control and more precise movements. The Aunspach overtorque protector safeguards the possibility of excessive torque being applied to the valve, protecting the asset and eliminating costly repairs.

Products and Services Used

  • Limitorque MX05 Actuator
  • ACROGEARS SR50 Spur Gearbox
  • Aunspach Overtorque Protector
  • Acrodyne Sales and Service

PDF Downloads

Acrodyne Case Study_Alligator Valve Upgrade (971kb)

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