Limitorque MX Diagnostic features.

Limitorque’s Smart actuator available from Acrodyne, features full Diagnostic facilities which are displayed on the LCD by accessing the diagnostic menu or the MX Dashboard. It includes:

  • motor data (voltage, current, phase rotation, and temperature)
  • hardware status, and identification (tag, serial order, and software revision)
  • torque profile (comparison of last torque to baseline)
  • operations log (total turns, contactor operations, valve stroke time, and handwheel operations).

Diagnostics also includes a Frequency Domain Analysis (FDA) feature. The FDA methodology captures torque, position or speed values at regular time intervals while the actuator is motoring, and calculates the resulting data set with a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The resulting information can be used to isolate any components in the mechanical drive train that may exhibit excessive wear or may effect normal actuator operation. FDA and resultant fault indications can be displayed via the graphical LCD. The actuator also contains the ability for diagnostics information to be downloaded to a PC or PDA via both IRDA and Bluetooth ports utilizing MX Dashboard.

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